TheMakingOfCMD is an experiment in making a movie of fans, by fans and for the fans.
Join in. Play nice.

People We Love

The companies and people listed below are REALLY AWESOME! Please feel free to thank and support them.

Since we are live-streaming the production, all product donated by sponsors will be featured in the behind the scenes streaming.   If you'd like to become a sponsor, email us for more info:

Companies that Care

Camadeus is an incredible company and the backbone of our production.  Their equipment is top of the line and their rates are unbelievable!  Please check them out for all your filming needs.

The Santa Rosa Entertainment Group has graciously allowed us to use two of their theaters for our shoot. They are fabulous people (and our new official "Heroes")!

 Comediva not only promotes women being funny (we all win with this one), but also allowed us to use their fabulous space for auditions.

Meltdown Comics is allowing us to use their store for our live production meetings.  If you are a comic book fan and in the greater LA area, then you KNOW how cool they are!

Fans that Put their Money Where their Mouth Is
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All of our incredible funders from our indiegogo campaign.  You are the wind beneath our wings!

Special thanks to the Nerfletenders - You know who you are!