TheMakingOfCMD is an experiment in making a movie of fans, by fans and for the fans.
Join in. Play nice.

The Team!

April Wade (Actress and Producer)
Obsessed with Pandas, April Wade is one of those starry eyed dreamers that works 28 hours a day. Yes, 28. She bends The Spacetime Continuum, she loves her work so much. Referring to acting as a "passion" and a "craft," Wade takes herself pretty seriously. But, don't be surprised if you see her heckling a pitcher on the Kickball field or crying hysterically during "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" in the Wizard of Oz. She just can't help herself. A lover amusement parks, puppies and Ghost Towns, Wade finds time to produce and act in between dragging her family and friends on trips to pumpkin patches and "living history" villages. Among these projects are Contagium (Patty), Opie Gets Laid (Thai), Into the Arms of Strangers (Erin), Junction (Michaela, producer), April Showers (producer) and Happy Endings, ABC (Carla).  

Currently, she is in post-production on a SciFi film (B4), is working on the distribution of Girls!Girls!Girls!, (an anthology written, directed, shot, edited and produced entirely by women), is in production on a theatre piece title Our Time of the Month -  and just wrapped the first ever live-streaming narrative feature film, which garnered over 3 Million views from every continent and has propelled Wade to the top of the transmedia world.  Her next live narrative project, in addition to CMD, is expected to come out in October and will, again, be breaking new ground.  

Ambitious to the core, April Wade is thrilled to be producing and acting in The Concessionaires. Being bossy rather suits her. 

America Young (Director)  
America Young is most happy when she is doing 12 things at once.  She is a director, producer and professional stunt woman   She was the Executive Director and one of founders of The Feel Good Film Festival (2008-2011), Panel Producer for AFI Festival 2009 and Founding Board member and Director of Operations of The Santa Catalina Film Festival (2011-current).   

Currently a show she co-created has been licensed and is in production with POW! (Stan Lee's production Company), Vuguru and Comediva.  She has stunt coordinated the feature films/shows  “April Showers”, “Nuclear Family”, “Collision” and music videos such as “Hot and Cold” (Katy Perry), “Outta My Head” (Ashley Simpson), “Scream” (Chris Cornell) and “Pocket Full of Sunshine” (Natasha Beddingfield).    She has directed 3 web series, Groupidity, Damsels & Dragons and Catherine & Annie.  America is in post on a scripted comedy pilot that she directed starring and about Professional Wrestlers.  She proud to be a director on “Locked in” (a short that is part of Girls!Girls!Girls!) and even prouder to be an executive producer on the whole “Girls!Girls!Girls” project.

America is so excited that all her years of production expereince, web knowledge and geek obsessions/expereince are culminating into getting to direct CMD.   When America’s not kicking the crap out of Super-Heroes that support the Superhuman Registration Act, talking to fairies or setting herself on fire, she enjoys telling stories, sipping herbal tea and sharpening her pair of Sai.

Ron Cohen (Producer) 
Failing his screen test to be Storm Shadow, the white ninja in the GI Joe franchise & still by far the coolest GI Joe action figure ever, Ron took the second best offer… being a part of The Administration team.   

Over his time in the land of the angels he has worn many hats: from cutting his teeth  working production on films such as Born to Ride and the highly successful Dark Knight Rises, to producing plays for Venice’s stalwart Pacific Resident Theatre, to recently serving on the Producing Team for The Bronx Bull -- the story of legendary boxer Jake LaMotta.

In addition to being a member of the Administration team, Ron also currently serves as Head of Production for TWC Films, a Los Angeles based commercial production company.  In charge of running the overall daily operations of the company, he has produced on commercials for Dominos, Home Depot, and Asics,  to name a few.  In addition to CMD, he is creative producer on a sci-fi feature in development and is starting a graphics novel company. 

Jason Dibler (Producer) 
After almost 20 years being involved in the entertainment industry (including writer, artist, musician, artist's rep, and producer), Jason has nurtured ties with several key figures in the industry in both Los Angeles and Europe. Spending 6 years in Europe before moving to New York then ultimately Los Angeles, he has produced successful theatrical plays, worked on several television productions in Europe, produced video segments for SBtv &, and ran some of the most successful  boutique "entertainment" hotels in California.  He produced "My Dear," a live action/animated short, which was an official selection in the Palm Springs International Film Festival, and was EP on "Home Sweet Home" with friends & colleagues, recently distributed through Image Entertainment.  

Jason was avidly collecting comic books since before Marvel spun off it's New Universe, and has always been infatuated with the uncanny, the amazing, and the far far away.

Jeremy Romero (Live Stream Editor)
You can check out his amazing work on our youtube page:

Unlike Reality TV, we are not scripted (except of course, when we are) and are not edited.  You will be seeing the process of making an indie film LIVE.

Every time a movie gets made, it's a little miracle.... You are about to find out why.

We are making an attempt to make a socially created and supported film.  Key word: attempt.  No one has ever done it, so we have no idea what to expect.  Please feel free to wow and/or amaze us.