TheMakingOfCMD is an experiment in making a movie of fans, by fans and for the fans.
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On the brink of their beloved single screen independent movie theater being shut down forever, a misfit band of nerdy theater workers face the evils of corporate theaters, foreclosure and even scarier, having to decide what they want to be when and if they ever grow up.
Concessionaires Assemble!

If we were playing a drinking game with this script, 1 shot per awesome movie reference, there'd be vomit everywhere! Love it!  - Adam Jennings, about the CMD script

OMG, I loved it! Loved! It! The dialogue is great. smart stuff and I love the great way that references sneak up on the audience and jump out at them. - Chris Sheets, about the CMD script

SCOTT FRAKES: age 28- 35 – Peter Pan has grown up and he just realized it.  He is doing the same thing now that he was doing when he was 16.  He has great ideas but never has actually followed through with any of his plans.    Now he is faced with the closing of the theater and his whole world is rocked.  Will he have great ideas and no action or will he finally grow up enough to save the day so he can stay a kid?   Ethan Embry, David Walton (from Bent),  Jeff Anderson (Clerks), Cameron Bender (Mistresses)  LEAD  ANY ETHNICITY 

ASHLEY  SPINER age 26 – This child star got caught in a compromising situation with her TV Dad (as if "Stephanie Tanner" was found with Bob Saget).  She flees the cruel judgmental Los Angeles crowd.   Back in her hometown, her dreams already realized and dashed brutally on the rocks below, she seeks the comfort of her old friends and her old hang out of the theater.  She pretends to not care by using her intelligence for witty caustic banter but deep down she has the biggest heart.  She was ready to stay in a drug and alcohol induced retirement haze, she is now forced to face reality for the sake of her friend and herself.  

GABBY SIRTIS:  age 32 – She has lived a life of obligation.  She has hidden behind her father’s dreams out of fear not out of laziness.  She has works hard at the theater but it’s not her world and she can’t seem to ever get ahead.  While she is fielding guilt from the theater being shut down because she thinks she let her father down, there is a voice inside of her that is screaming with glee and freedom.  She is finally at the point in her life where her need for her own identity finally is stronger than her need to hide.   But now what?  After living your whole life for someone else’s dream, how do you figure out who you are and what you want?  

RJ BURTON age 17-18:. A socially awkward, bad with girls black nerd, this poor soul doesn’t stand a chance.  However, he is the sage wisdom and bouncing board for Scott’s rants and ideas.  RJ draws upon his extensive knowledge of comic books and geek culture, to give sage advice and inspire Scott along the way.    However, he is all talk.  When it comes to his own love life and his deep and painful crush on Heather leaves him paralyzed with fear and stammering out the worst possible answers.   African American  27 Scenes

KIRA STEWART age 23-25:  Sweet, unassuming, usually ignored and steeped in college dept.    She has an older brother that she idealizes that is also struggling with money.  With all this stress piling down on her, she makes a really bad decision and makes a brief pit at the dark side. ANY ETHNICITY  Please submit actress with disabilities as well.  21 Scenes

JOHN DORN age 35 -45: The generation of geeks before Scott.   While he is not that much older than the rest of the gang, he acts as a father figure to them. He is like the Watcher for Marvel fans, or the Spectre or Phantom Stranger for  DC fans.    The key aspect of John Dorn is that he has a meta view of the story. ANY ETHNICITY  17 Scenes

DEREK FISK  age 28-35 – Scott Frakes arch nemesis.    He has been plotting a chance to get revenge on Scott since Derek perceived Scott as taking his girl from him.   He doesn’t mean to be but is the almost a stereotype of every comic book villain…but sucky at it.  Fate plays into his hands when his father challenges him to prove himself  and it aligns perfectly with an opportunity to destroy what Scott loves most.   Mwahhaha  A douchebag weasel. ANY ETHNICITY 16 scenes

BILLY RAY  age 25- 33: is the taller of the two, he has gross, greasy long hair and a beard, he’s the kind of nerd that is a embarrassment to all other nerds.  He wears a duster and stained sweatpants.  He looks at you and you feel disgusting.  His lacky is  Samwise. ANY ETHNICITY 12 Scenes

SAMWISE age 25-35: is the pudgier of the two and is arguably more pathetic because he is a follower of Billy Ray’s.   Sycophantic, slovenly and henti fan. ANY ETHNICITY  11 Scenes

HEATHER age 17: a nerdy beauty, if you were to take off the glasses and baggy fantasy T-shirt and gave her a day of beauty she’d be hot. ANY ETHNICITY 5 scenes

MAN IN BLACK age mid 30’s:  Agent Smith from the Matrix ANY ETHNICITY 4 scenes

FANNY PACK GUY- age 35-45: It’s all in the name. ANY ETHNICITY 3 scenes

LARRY KENT age 63: Owner of the comic shop The Phantom Zone.  A lovely, kind man and good friend to  Scott. ANY ETHNICITY 3 Scenes

JACK FISK  age  late 50’s early 60’s:  Strong, vibrant, smart as hell and intimidating.  Very successful and frustrated with is weird son. ANY ETHNICITY 3 scenes

TOM SIRTIS  age  50’s: Gabby’s father.  He is charming, charismatic and passionate about good movies.  ANY ETHNICITY  10 Lines, 1 Scene

YOUNG WOMAN age  18-22: a snotty brat of a girl.  Rudely rebuffs Kira when Kira tries to help her. ANY ETHNICITY  2 lines, 2 scenes

HULK HOGAN  SUPER FAN over 18:  It’s all in the name ANY ETHNICITY 1 scene

CHURCH LADY  age45-55:  Prim Proper and intolerant ANY ETHNICITY 1 scene

TREKKIE RICKY age 25-35: a nerdy Trek fan in a starfleet uniform that is two sizes too small. ANY ETHNICITY 1 line 1 scene

SCOTT’S DAD age mid 30’s: Kind, warm, brave. ANY ETHNICITY  2 lines. 1 scene.

ROBBER over 18: ANY ETHNICITY  3 lines 1 scene        

STUFF ON FACE GUY age 60: in a dirty t-shirt and has a variety of food stuck on his face. ANY ETHNICITY 2 lines 1 scene

YOUNG MAN age18-22: The snotty boyfriend to the YOUNG WOMAN ANY ETHNICITY  2 lines,  2 scenes

ELIAS  age35:  Ponytailed, one smug son of a bitch who you just want to smack the smirk off his face with a baseball bat.  Owner of Android’s Lair. ANY ETHNICITY 1 lines 1 scene

MR. KENNEY  age 45-55: Sweet couple that likes to give his comics to Scott ANY ETHNICITY  6 lines 1 scene

MRS. KENNEY age 45-55: Sweet couple that likes to give his comics to Scott ANY ETHNICITY  3 lines 1 scene