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Friday, October 12, 2012

...and the pitch!

We are holding a LIVE telethon OCT 21, 22 & 23rd to raise funds for The Concessionaires Must Die and our 'making of' live stream.

April Wade and America Young have been friends and colleagues for years ...and it turns out that they don't actually have a lot of interests in common. America is a self-proclaimed geek (seriously, google her, it's obvious). April doesn't claim to be 'cool,' but since she's never read a comic book, she is definitely not a geek. Join us as we attempt to "geekify" the only person you've probably met whose only knowledge of Star Wars is from watching Spaceballs as a child.

 * Help us prove that innovation in social filmmaking and orignial storytelling is not only what an audience wants, but what it deserves!

 * Join in with America as she (and her associates) show April “The Way of the Geek!”

Special thanks to John M Keating for the awesome flyer!

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