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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


On Sunday, Oct 21st America Young (and associates) subjected April Wade 60 hours of Geekification. It was the FIRST EVER LIVE-A-THON and it got us nearly 70% of the way to our funding goal! 

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 20th, (6pm - midnight PST) we will complete our campaign wit the FIRST EVER LIVE-THANK-A-THON!


 * Help us prove that innovation in social filmmaking and orignial storytelling is not only what an audience wants, but what it deserves!

 * Join in with America as she (and her associates) show April “The Way of the Geek!”

Live-THANK-A-Thon Schedule!

Your hostesses: April Wade (@actoraprilwade) & America Young (@America_Young)

TUESDAY, November 20th

We go LIVE and STAY LIVE for 6 hours! Our IndieGoGo campaign wraps up at Midnight... help us pull through and get us over the threshold! Our cast is announced and begins to shuffle in...

Table Read of ACT I
  Get an exclusive look at this script we have all been talking about.
We look back and reflect, over pumpkin pie, getting a chance to go over the names of all those who have contributed so far.


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