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Friday, August 31, 2012

Cooking with Fire

THIS JUST IN!  We have a movie theater location!

With this MAJOR item in place, now we are cooking with fire!

Written by the lovely and tenacious Zaki Rubinstein:

"We are so so so excited to announce our shooting location!  After calling almost every movie theater in and around Los Angeles the amazing generous folks at Santa Rosa Entertainment Group have offered to let us shoot in two of their amazing locations: Plaza Stadium Cinemas 14 in Oxnard and Roxy Stadium 11 in Camarillo.  I can not reiterate enough how wonderful dealing with them has been.  They are all "film people" and completely get what we are about and where we are coming from.  The Vice President Mark Tietsort was a member of Second City (a premiere improve theatre group and school in Los Angeles) and wrote screenplays before moving out of Los Angeles to become a team member at Santa Rosa Entreatment group.  The owner's son also will be joining our crew in the post production department.  We are so excited to take you, the audience, with us when we go to scout the location.  Stay tuned for more info about our great locations."

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